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More Information About the Weekly Episodes

What Is Stress?

You've identified that you have a problem with stress or anxiety. That's exactly why you're here.

Managing Stress

Managing stress, looking at physiology, focus, and language.

All About Perspective

Recognize that our perspective is just our view of the world. Imagine you have a set of glasses.

Collecting Gratitudes

You want to make it easy, and you want to look throughout the day for things to be grateful for

Self Worth

Having a strong, positive sense of self-worth is incredibly important in terms of the quality of life that you're going to live

Being Mindful

Well, being mindful is actually being aware of the quality of your thinking.


People who are feeling very stressed and anxious usually find themselves breathing very shallowly.

Mountains vs. Molehills

Many of my clients come to me because they are stressed or they have high levels of anxiety, and a very common theme that we talk about is getting things into perspective.

Dealing With Overwhelm: Part 1

Stress and anxiety become so much more difficult to manage when we're in overwhelm, and overwhelm can be caused for so many different reasons.

Dealing With Overwhelm: Part 2

Overwhelm is one of those things which, when you're actually in that place, it feels that there's no escape.

Using Positive Anchors

A technique that I teach most of my clients is that of using anchoring.

Finding The Solutions

Early on in my work with clients, we look at the patterns of behaviour that they find are distressing and are getting in the way.

Creating Effective Boundaries: Part 1

A great deal of stress and anxiety is created when we don't have effective boundaries.

Creating Effective Boundaries - Part 2: Technology

Today, we're going to continue to explore the theme of boundaries. And I want to start with the whole subject of technology.

Habitual Patterns Of Behaviour

We are habitual enemies, and there's been a lot of research done which shows that 95 percent of our thinking, our emotional states, and our behaviours are habitual.

Dealing With Negative Emotions

Many of the clients who come to me with stress and anxiety have a problem with dealing with negative emotions.

Internal Chatter

How much time do you spend listening to that voice in your head?


All of us communicate, and 56 percent, or around that amount, is communicated through our body language.


We've spoken before about the brain being just like an old fashioned vinyl record.

Circle Of Excellence

This is particularly helpful when you feel you don't feel you have the emotional strength to deal with a particular situation.


Now, music is incredibly powerful. It can actually lift us or it can calm us down, or it can make us feel very frightened.

Dealing With Challenging People

One of the things that clients report causes great stress and anxiety is dealing with a difficult person in a situation that's going on over time.

Dealing With Panic Attacks

A number of my clients come to me because they're experiencing panic attacks.

Confronting The Issue

Lots of people I meet and work with have a real problem with confrontation, and because they don't like confrontation, they let things go.

Say No Graciously

Many people have a huge level of anxiety about saying no to other people.

Look For The Gift

Looking for the gift. What do I mean by that? Do I mean looking for a birthday present?

You Made It!

You made it! Good on You!